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AHHH!!! OUI!  Lead


hoir iorn hurbalan!  My uncle wears an umbrella for a hat, and puts shoes on his ears.


I work in the Hazardous Waste Recycling/Recovering industry, (mostly with oils, fuels, caustic and other waste water streams.)  From the MSDS's on these materials, effects are typicaly  to kidney and liver, but that's with over 8 hour exposure at concentrations well above the normal "OOps! Got some splashes on me..." levels.   Been at this for 4 years now, and my toxin levels are still normal.  (I was mainly worried about the heavy metals in my system, but instead I find my cholesterol is high!!! Good bye chesseburgers!)  


Still not the best stuff for you to be bathing in, but a drop of CA here and a zap of it htere is nothing that I'd be loosing sleep over.  Ya likely have more exposure to radiation off your television screen and cell phone.

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