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Bartle Quotient?


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Quite an old 'personality' type test, done in the context of MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) but still pretty valid in reference to MMORPGs. Just read MUD as MMORPG if you're not familiar with the other type of game. :B):




I'm just very intrigued to know where Reaper folks stand. And my game review essays can get more targetted too. ::):


(My results)

Your type is: EAS. 9% of respondents so far fall into that type.

Explorer 100%

Achiever 53%

Socializer 40%

Killer 6%

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Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306765 to take it.


Your type is: EKA. 1% of respondents so far fall into that type.


The numbers below represent percentage of how many times you selected a given suite when given the chance. Since there are 15 questions for each suite out of 30 total, the number will add up to 200%. 50% thus means average for each suite, and 100% is the maximum score.


Your answers were split as follows:

Explorer 66%

Killer 53%

Achiever 40%

Socializer 40%


1%?! :lol:

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Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306767 to take it.


Your type is: ESA. 10% of respondents so far fall into that type.


Your answers were split as follows: Explorer 80%

Socializer 46%

Achiever 40%

Killer 33%



good or bad??

dont know what a MUD is answered like a MMORPG.

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Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306773 to take it.


Your type is: SEK. 3% of respondents so far fall into that type.


Your answers were split as follows: Socializer 66%

Explorer 66%

Killer 40%

Achiever 26%




MUD were Multi User Domain (Dungeon) and were the precursor in the early 90's to what the MMORPGs (like WoW) today. It was text based roleplaying that was interactive to the environment and other players, although the tech was lower so it wasn't nearly as interactive environmentally.


The ones I played and coded for were object oriented coded in a language similar to C and C++ called LPC.


They were amazing time consumers. I swear between the drinking and the mudding, it is amazing I ever found the time to go to class during college. Oh wait, that's right...I didn't.


Two of my closest friends I met in college while MUDing and have maintained that friendship now over 13 years offline.


BTW, what MUDs did people play, and who were you there?



**I was Roderick on Nightmare3 - Rogue, and Immortal/Wizard

**I was Roderick/Qwyksilver/Raven/Mourngrym (and a couple of other lower level PCs) on Darkness and Despair - both PC and Immortal/Wizard

**I was Raven/Mourngrym on Zhing

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No good or bad to a personality test, it's just how you are.


It's mostly relevant for player behaviors in online games - MMORPGs are basically the prettier-looking offspring of MUDs. Those who use singleplayer computer games or tabletop RPGs as a basis for answering questions should be able to find some natural correlations that explain your answers - ie. tabletops are very Social in nature, single-player computer games normally stress Exploration of areas or storyline and Killing of computer-controlled enemies.


(My interpretations below, though if you hunt around on that webby, you should find a proper explanation of the categories.)


Explorers generally like to discover new things, and delve into unexplored regions. They'll collect reams of trivia knowledge about seemingly unimportant aspects of a game, and so on. Some take it to the natural conclusion and start trying to find out about the code, and can become bug and exploit-discovers.


Achievers like progress. Especially within the confines of the game. The numbers jumping up as you level, stats increasing, better equipment, more money - it's a way of keeping score and feeling a sense of power as a result. Some may take things too far and break rules to get ahead, eg. explorers find an exploit, and the achiever takes that discovery and uses it.


Socializers are exactly that. Less concerned with the game per se, but value the social interactions between people in the game. Often found at the hotspots where players congregate, to chat, have fun, possibly trade, party, dance, etc. Avid roleplayers in an online game tend to fall into this category also, as they treasure interaction between people to advance some kind of story or narrative.


Killers are a bit oddly named. This stems from the roots of the survey, where playerkilling (PvP) was part and parcel of the first MUD created by Bartle. With my low percentile score here, I'm not really the best person to describe this category, but my understanding is that the people in this category are very competitive (almost like in sports) and tend to view other players with an objectified perspective, as rivals, opponents or prey (in games where the object is kill or be killed.) I think they have an eye for an eye sort of philosophy in-game.


Part of the confusion with this category is that besides being the last category to make up a neat round number of 4 for Bartle's arbitrary design, it also contains the subset of game players known as Griefers, who are almost universally reviled. Griefers are those who enjoy imposing themselves on other players, using the mechanics of the game to ruin the enjoyment of others, kill-stealing, spawn-camping, etc, etc. (And are often confused with Killers as a whole.)


I am led to understand there are other Killer-types who pride themselves as vigilante police, with noble philosophies, and a sheriff-like attitude who prowl open PvP games simply to do unto the Griefers what they did unto others.


I could be wrong, and I'm trying to keep my prejudices from showing, so forgive me if the last category sounds a bit stilted or one-sided. Would like to hear what those with strong Killer tendencies think.


Oh, and I used to play the Realms of Despair MUD like a fanatic for 5+ years.

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Thanks for taking the test. You are person number 306790 to take it.


Your type is: KAE. 6% of respondents so far fall into that type.


Your answers were split as follows: Killer 86%

Achiever 60%

Explorer 53%

Socializer 0%


Apparently I'm not big on socializing... ::):

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