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Nienna, Female Elf Ranger


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Here's my go at her, and a little freehand attempt on the back of her cloak. I wanted her in an all autumn theme, so I went out and got some actual dead leaves in my back yard for the ground cover. I think my little one has been at my camera again, cuz these pics seem off to me.. or something.. :huh: Or maybe I'm just getting old :blink:





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Super work there Skaven Babe, Very nice color choices. The cloak freehand is great and the face color is just right.


The base is very cool, as far as it comes to the picture I have been trying myself with a brighter nondescript picture but dont have a clue how to do it or wich settings is needed for a great picture.

I would say that this picture is very good you can see the detial very good but the light could be a little bit better,


Wonderfull work ::):

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I think she looks really good. I like it when people break away from the traditional "elven" colours and try new looks.


What you might want to try is a different background, maybe something of a more muted blue or even perhaps brown. The bright blue kind of steps all over the reds and oranges.


I love that pose too. She looks really rangerly. Good work on the base too.

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