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Bryan got me hooked on this back in December. I eagerly anticipate every M/W/F.


Storminator and I got to meet Rich on Wednesday when he came to Boston for a book signing. ::D:


Here was the announcement


Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, first printing, signed by the author ::D::wub:


He drew Belkar on the inside cover for me too!

And I don't give a damn what anyone in my Thursday night group says. I made Cal before I ever read about Belkar!!! Just because he's ruthless and selfish and a little ticked off about everything doesn't make him Belkar. Cal's a Halfelf. Belkar is clearly a Halfling!


Pete got a Goblin Ninja, but the Ninja's Hide skill was so great and Pete bombed his Spot check, so it's just a blank page.


Rich was funny as hell.


The book is great and there are about 8 extra strips, plus some great commentary about the strip's development.

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Yeah, Rich is a pretty cool guy.... I just hope that the shipping problems he's having with the pre-ordered books don't kill his desire to keep writing OotS.....

At the signing, he didn't give any indication that his desire to write has waned. He did say on his news posting that he would make sure when he puts out volume 2 that he has all the shipping stuff and books in hand and actually ready to go the second he receives money.

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I can understand the grief for the delays in shipping, but damn, give the guy a break if it's his first time placing an order, and one that went WAY beyond anything he was thinking of.


And some things are beyond an individual's control.



The book is great. I love the strip. Damn you Bryan for getting me hooked!!!

I spent 2.5 hours at work the first time I was introduced to the strip reading all the back copies.

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Yea, I first found it when Bryan posted about it. I literally spent the next couple days reading ALL of them.

Other gaming related comics I love:


Full Frontal Nerdity

Spent a couple days on that one too...



Spent about a week on that one....


Larry Leadhead

Not as good as the other 3, but worth checking in every once in a while

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