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a cute female half orc... :wow:


wait 'til Spike sees her...

My thoughts exactly Saint...



I really like the Gnome barbarian too. Depending on how small that figure is, it could probably work pretty well as a Dwarven Berserker/Battlerager too. Nice expression regardless on the face.

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You guys aren't saying that Janara's NOT cute are you? :huh:


I'm just glad to see she will have company now.




We would never tell a tall muscular female half orc that could tear our heads off our shoulders that she wasn't cute... as a matter of fact we would tell her that she is a radiant beauty that would make goddesses weep in envy :mellow:

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The female half-orc is really a great sculpt (and im so glad Van Shaik sculpted it-did not want another Janara look alike), and the gnome barbarian has me droolin' (and i dont even like gnomes :poke: ).


Boris, Thora and the death priest are wicked!


If you guys like these, check out artoftrav.com-hes been updating his art, with some nice teasers on minis we'll be able to see soon (hopefully) from reaper. if you dont know who he is, he's the artist whose responsible for alot of the new, slightly heroic proportioned minis lately:


2898 half orc ranger, 2907 quint, 2915 vulthus oathcroak, 2916 ansel paladin, 2926 half orc monk, as well as the new Boris and Thora, and many more.


I absolutely love his stuff! his characters are so incredubly detailed, and positively loaded with gear. Ever wondered where the wizards keep their scrolls and wands? check out the art on vulthus oathcroak-i didnt realize he had a magic ring hanging from his belt, but i checked my mini after seeing it mentioned in the concept art, and there it is! A paladin with a scroll/potion case and prayer book? he11 yes!


I do have one question for Reaper Bryan if he reads this: please tell me that the new high elf adventuring wizard due out in may is not the sculpt of the concept drawing by Travis Salonka of the same name.


By itself, the mini looks decent-in fact i think it is a very nice elf wizard-one of the best ive seen, but compared to the concept art, it is nowhere even close to what it could have been. Wheres the spell component pouch, or the potions hanging from his belt, or the cool staff?

I like the concept art because it presents an elf mage who looks like he could just as soon smack you upside the head with that staff or run you through with that wicked dagger (which is obviously for more than just spellcasting rituals) as he could cast a nasty spell on you-this guy is toughalso the clothes he is wearing make him a unique character-hes got pants, riding boots, and a cloak-the very ideal of the adventuring wizard. he porbably does most of his spellcasting from the back of a light warhorse, with his staff just as much for head cracking as for spellweaving (a la gandalf on shadowfax)


But when you look at the mini, its another (elf this time...) wizard, wearing robes... with a crystal topped staff held in the traditional 25mm He-man holding-up-his-sword-and-chanting-"by-the-power-of-grayskull"-pose.


Dont get me wrong. its nice-its a good elf wizard. But i hope it is not the miniature based on the concept art, because if it is i will be sorely disappointed.

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