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Greetings and a question...

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Hello all,


This is my first post on the Reaper forum, so I wanted to start out by saying hello to everyone.


My question(s) is regarding NMM style painting. Read some of the recipies and tips regarding this and decided to try it. Obviously (as I acutally expected), my first attempt wasn't nearly as "smooth" as I've seen on lots of images. I'm not discouraged, just more curious now.


I've noticed that many of the formulas/recipies mention GW paints. I have mostly Reaper paints and some older Ral Partha paints. I used the approx. colors to the ones mentioned and was wondering if there was a difference (other than opinion) between the paints that might make a difference.


I know a wet palate is helpful for keeping paints (especially mixed pigments) wet for a long time. Does having one of these help with NMM (and painting in general) with mixing and thinning paints?


When applying paint for the NMM technique, is it like drybrushing or more just applying the paint? Is there another technique that is totally different?


Sorry for all the questions...just really curious how to begin so I can get started on this type of painting. If anyone has any advice to any or all of my questions, I'd love to hear them, or just has a link to tips on other site.


Thanks again



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Hello and welcome to the boards. When painting NMM the technique is not a dry brush it is layered. The layering is very smooth though. IMHO is a very difficult technique to master ( I have yet to master it or even come close). Jester has a good tutorial on it here.


Just go to the tutorials section of his site and look at #4. hope this helps.

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As for the GW paints, well, they have been at it for quite a long time now, and like it or not, they are pretty much THE reference when talking about hues, because they are so well known worldwide, but they are not the best out there (darn close though, IMO).

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Heya, welcome to the boards!! ::):


1) Brand of paint is less a factor than you think; what really matters is that you practice and perfect the layering technique. However, certain paints are smoother and higher-pigmented than others and these will invariably make the process a little easier for you once you learn how to work with them (such as Reaper Master Series Paint, which comes out this month with an Ochre Golds triad pretty much made for NMM gold). ::):


2) You may find wet palettes useful, or you may just find them a bother. I usually just find them a bother! ::D: Then again, I use a ceramic palette with wells (which expose less surface area to the air, thus slowing evaporation time of the water in the paint) and Extender/Slow-Dri (causes paint to dry slower). If you don't have either of those then you may find a wet palette very useful.


3) No drybrushing; layering. Layering is "just painting on highlights" but it's done by applying very watered-down paint in many thin layers; every layer you go brighter, you also make the highlight smaller, so that the overall idea is kind of like a topographic map of paint. ::):


I could go on and on and on...but it's after six, and I'm hungry. And hungry painters are loopy painters who probably don't give the most coherent advice! So I'll leave it to these other very qualified people to go more into depth on layering and what-have-you. ::):



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Yep, paints coming out this month. We should have 'em by ReaperCon. The ones coming out are:


...HAH! Fooled ya. ::D: Well, no, actually I just put these in a new thread so as not to hijack this one. ;) Go look there if you want to see what the new colors are.


Cheers! And no, I'm not getting out of bed to answer your questions. Complain to Goldeneagle, he's usually up at that infernal hour... ;P ::D:


--Anne ::):

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