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When looking at some of the purples on the market now, is it just me or do they go from a really dark, almost black purple to an almost pink purple with few transitions in between?


When doing purple, I find I have to use a few washes to 'blend' the colors a little more as the highlights always look too pale to me.

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I do alot of 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 mixing with colors that have large differences in intensity. At the same time, the purples I use are very transparent, so the difference seems to make blending easier to me...


What brand are ya using?



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Remember also that, even with the Master Paints triads, you will often get smoother blends by doing a 50/50 mix between shadow and midtone and midtone and highlight. As a company, it's really impossible to put out a color for every layer; we'd go bankrupt, because people won't be thrilled with the concept of having to buy five or even more paints to do a single color. Buying three paints is a lot more accessible. ::): With most of the Masters, however, if you thin the shadow color quite a bit and apply it layered or as a wash over the midtone you should not need to mix a color in between the two.


As for why you'll notice so much of a transition difference between darkest and lightest in colors like purple, it's because if companies did a series of darker purples and then a series of lighter or pinkish purples, the lighter purples invariably wouldn't sell nearly as well, becoming a financial burden to the line. Light colors--pastels--and pinks, oranges, and variant yellows are among the worst sellers in any paint line. This is why it's good to get over reluctance to mix paints--because the paints available pre-bottled to you as a consumer all too often aren't dictated by art, but by economics. :;):



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Glaze sounds right: Paint thinned to the point that it's translucent. When painted on a surface it influences rather than dominates the other colors... how's that for an artsy-fartsy definition?



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