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Names on Mini Bases


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You can always use a regular inkjet or laser printer to create WHITE type on BLACK background. You can do it in Microsoft Word or equivalent.


THis works extremely well, if done correctly anf laquered onto the base they usually look like they have been painted on.


I'm not sure the toner concerns are really justified as you could fit hundreds of labels ontoa a single letter size or A4 size page. But if you are really worried about this then you could have it printed in laser at a local copy shop or something, I imagine it would be relatively cheap.

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I'm parsimonious with my toner, since it's $95/catridge to replace.


Upon further experimentation and "focus group testing" (I should another mini with a name to my players), the black-on-white labels are considered eye-catching and easy to read. Since my minis are gaming pieces, these two are paramount.


I also found that elmer's glue is superior to superglue for gluing down printer paper. I used a small amount, stuck on the label, and then gloss-coated it by hand. No stippling or bleed-through like with the superglue. After basing and final spray coats, the names are clearly readable and show no sign of flaking or tearing off.


I'll still give the avery labels a go when I get a chance - I'd like to save a step. But the adjustability with wet glue is nice when I don't quite get it on straight...

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