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Toy Soldier Reaper Day!

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We will be having our first annual Reaper Day at the Toy Soldier on Saturday June 18th starting at Noon and lasting all day!


Exact details will be clarified but several of the events and festivities include:


Warlord Tournament

Warlord Demostrations

Painting Competition

Paint and Take


Someone with more authority will be along to verify everything but I wanted to make sure people had the most time possible to plan ahead!


Hope to see you there!

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Bummer! I guess MORE planning ahead is important for next time.


Are you guys busy ALL day? We'll be doing events and playing games AT LEAST from Noon til 9PM. You might not be able to play in the Warlord tournament but I can guarantee that there'll be more games played afterwards.


(We also do open at 9AM on Saturdays - and if that's the only way you guys could participate I'm sure I could get one of the demo people/event runners to show up at that time!)


...back to painting dwarves...

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I'm working on trying to get there for a little bit. The concert isn't until early evening, but I need to meet up with my folks before it starts for an early dinner.


Even if I can't be there for the 18th...


Dargrin, I work like 10 minutes away. With enough of a heads up I can pop on over and play for a spell after work. And I'll be more than happy to share some pointers on Storminator so our Reven can defeat his nasty Overlords. :devil:

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Toy Soldier Reaper Day has been confirmed!


Here's the rundown of events:


Reaper Day at Toy Soldier On Saturday, June 18th 11:00 am

We are bringing the joy of Reaper to the Toy Soldier!


Paint-n-Take: 12:00 pm

Complete sets of both Reaper Paint lines, Pro Paints and new Master Series, will be available for sampling.


Speed Painting Contest: 1:00 pm

Six seats per round, two rounds planned.

Warlord Minis used are provided in primed state.


Warlord Demos: ongoing, beginning at 11:00 am

All materials provided.


Warlord Tournament: 3:00 PM

750 points, one on one, 45 minute timed rounds.


Hosted by ladystorm

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My god it was crowded there. I wish I could have stayed for the tournament ::(:


It still amazes me how deceptively large that store is every time I go in there Mick.


I think having the computer right there for people to make use of Army Builder and to report their battles is a pretty sweet idea too.

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Thanks guys!


Reaper Day at the Toy Soldier was a great success. I think we had 12 people for the paint-and-take, 12 for the speed-painting, 12 in the tournament and at least 4 (?) different demos ran. I'm pretty sure at least 30 people participated - it was hard to keep track!


Thanks for coming - and thanks very much to Pete and Cher Storm and PJ Adams for running the events. Everyone seemed very happy and the love of Reaper has spread a little more :)


I've got one comment about the tournament (for now) - I think the fact that 3 of the 4 finalists were playing Warlord for the first time that day (they WERE all veterans of miniature games, however) goes to show how intuitive the R.A.G.E. system is.


I'll be sure to post when I have our next events planned. I'm thinking of doing a series of Arena battles in July - leading up to a campaign starting in August.

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