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5 Dwarves for Warlord


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Hi its been a while since I posted somethin a few weeks, painting has been slow for me. I tried to switch to working days but alas that didnt work my son wouldnt have any of it bless him and so I switched back to night again.

Anyway here is a small force of dwarves I painted for a Customer.

He wanted more Bear riders so I painted the 2 older ones and 3 dwarf fighters to go with them.



Bear Rider

Snorri Oathbreaker

Fulumbar Ironhammer

Thorondil Bear Rider

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I still remember one of the first weeks I started on Ebay yrs ago and I saw your work and said "One day I wanna be as good as this guy" Looks like I have a long road to go! ;) You stuff is a big inspiration for me! I bow to you sir for you are of true Painter Nobility!

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