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I just killed Shelob!


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look slike a wolf spider :) My suggestion if you ever want to go in there again.. get a iguana or gecko, chamelon or some such lizard :)

.. and let it loose in there.. set it up with a heat stone and lamp.. and it will keep the area spider free for a long time for you :)


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When I was a kid, we had a subscription to a nature magazine -- Ranger Rick, I think? I wouldn't even touch the pages with spiders on them.


I'm better now. I'm the cup and paper guy to get them out of the house. My wife is the "Where is a big heavy thing?!" kind of girl.


Though the x-acto knife is a nice touch. So, you gonna mount the head on your wall? Perhaps lacquer it heavily and use it as part of a diorama for Artemis?



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Ranger Rick ruled!!!

I had that as a whelp too. We just got a subscription for the niece and nephews this past Xmas. That is up there with Highlights for my fav childhood magazine.


My mom was always terrified of spiders. I remember coming home from work one evening and my mom started spazzing demanding I take off my boot and kill the spider that was climbing up the wall beside her. Mind you there was a newspaper on the coffee table, and she had slippers on. It's funny as hell because she was a tomboy and kept snakes and mice and bugs. Only spiders freak her out.


Spiders are very cool. One used to live outside the bedroom window of my apartment. It's body was easily a good inch (not counting leg span). It was this freaky yellow and green and orange coloring. Spun a web that filled one half of the casement window. During rain storms it was beautiful because the web would bead up with the water. My wife and I would just sit up and watch it spin its web illuminating it with a Maglite. Beautiful.

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Man. Spiders freak me out. We don't have a lot of the big ones in the city, but it is really unnerving when you are concentrated on something, and spot movement in the perypherical vision, and it turns out to be one of those buggers coming at you.


My sister once whacked my spider centaur model body part I had already primed and assembled, because it was on my table and it was dark and the lights of a moving car outside made her think the THING had moved, but my mother has a positive horror for the critters, and that somehow rubbed on us.

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I've never understood the whole "pick them up and put them outside" thing. That's where they came from. That's kinda like finding a possum in your roof and throwing it over the fence - it'll be back in your roof by nightfall*. :huh:


Just kill the spider - problem solved. ^_^


I don't get the "oh - I only kill the big ones, the little ones are okay" thing either. If you kill 'em when they're little, they don't get big. :rolleyes:


I just kill eeeevery spider I ever find in my house. Llolth hates me. -_-


"Hi. My name's Tommy, and I'm an arachnophobic." ::):


Tommy. :lol:

Yes, but the spiders in Australia are a zillion times more poisonous than American Spiders.


This thing probably wouldn't have caused immediate death. Some of the spiders yall have I'm surprised anyone's still on the Island.


*imagines scene*

'Ey Sheila, look at what this baby can do' (throws spider into field of sheep)

(Sheep drop dead in 13.2 seconds)

'We are packing up our stuff and moving now, Mick.'


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I used to allow spiders to survive in my place, as long as they weren't in certain places like the bathroom or by my bed on the premise that they killed other bugs. Spiders don't really creep me out. However, my philosophy has changed to kill them on site if they are in my apartment. I've found that spiders like to bite me while I'm sleeping. Once I realized that none of the mosquitos in my area could possibly leave itchy, painful bumps the size of quarters on me, I narrowed it down to centipedes and spiders, so they all die. I rely on other poisons and bug traps to get other insects.


While spiders to freak me out, centipedes... :unsure: Ewww... I find centipedes very creepy. They are fast critters too. They know when you're after them and they book like heck. There have been many an amusing chase scene in my apartment. I hate centipedes with a passion. I hate them almost as much as I hate Canadian geese, and that's a lot.

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