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I just killed Shelob!


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OK, we need to pay our service men more. :blink:


By the way, spider bites can be dangerous, even if the spider isn't highly venemous. We really do not have any dangerously venemous spiders here in MN (nice thing about it getting down to -30 deg F in the winter). However, I was bit once while DMing at a friend's house. It was on the stool I was on and I accidently squished it between my bare ankle and the stool. Of course it bit me. Within an hour, I had red streaks and spots on my leg and the it had swollen to double its size. The swelling and red spots and streaks were spreading up my leg. By the time I got to the emergency room it was past my knee. It wasn't venom though, but a bacterial skin infection. Many spiders have very dirty fangs and will give infections. A similar thing happened to my son a few years back.


I read an article on the Funnel-webs in Australia a while back. In addition to the extreme venom, their bites also have a high occurance of causing infections, so you get a double whammy. Not only that, but they like to live in urban areas. Good luck with that Tommy. :blink:



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I am fine with most spiders, until I found a couple of very large Black Widows in the shed in my back yard. Now every time I have to go in there I spend like and extra 10 minutes just tip toeing around looking for signs of new ones.


What was cool was that I was able to capture one of the two (dispatched the other) and put it in a jar. A couple days later, I happen to find a huge cockroach in my garage. I tried to catch it too, it got away. The next night, there was that darn cockroach again. Again tried to catch it. It got away. By some strange karma thing, I saw the same dang roach in my garage a third night in a row. This night I was able to catch it.


I threw it in the jar with the Black Widow, who by this point had set up shop and spun some web and had a nice hang out going.


I watched for a couple hours, just sitting there facinated by these two critters. Man, roaches are super bug fast, it is so noticeable when you have them locked in a jar. Zooming around like Nascar drivers around the thing. Anytiem the Widow even came close, ZOOOMMM off it went.


After a couple hours I decided I was tired of watching the same race happen, it was time to force some action. So, I took the jar and shook it and turned it over such that the cockroach got a foot or two caught in the web. It was still fast as ever, but now with each lap it did, it got itself a little more caught up in the web.


After another hour of watching this. The Widow finally decided it was time.


And man you should have seen the clash of these two bugs when they finally squared off. The roach was about twice the size of the widow and put up a great fight, but the sting of the widow when it finally landed it, paralyzed the roach (or atleast half the roach anyway). The Widow proceeded to eat half the roach while it was paralyzed and fed off the rest of the thig over the next day or two.


After I finally had my fill of watching in fascination this spider, my wife made me dispatch him too so as to not have my son accidently open the jar by mistake.


I've got some good pictures of all this somewhere on my computer, I'll see if I can find them.

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