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Elven Sorceress looks like Lysette after a long day.


I'm having trouble with the Isiri archer, I can't tell at all what the face looks like.


And that Hill giant should be renamed Hill ape. Just needs a little more fur on the skin.


And I sure hope the Paintenders and Isiri archers get rushed to casting, so we can hear an end to the "no grunts for Darkspawn" cries of woe ^_^

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I like Ary's idea for the Paintender, I could totally see that pose! Although maybe we could stick a sheep on her base and call her little bo peep (turn that thing in her hand into a pair of clippers)


anyway, I'd like to see the face of the Isiri archer better too. Just can't make it out - looks like a blob (nothing personal Matt - it's probably the photo *ribbing Bryan*) :poke:


I do like the rest although I wish the blacksmith was for Warlord instead of DHL (don't ask me why) She's saying "man, this hammer is heavy and my back is aching today!"


overall - great stuff! Still a Reaperfan!


debby ^_^

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why does the dwarven blacksmith look so sad?

Bare cleavage + hot metal & sparks. :blink:


I'd be pretty sad-looking about that idea, too!


(speaking as someone who has had a pretty-darn-warm .22 shell casing find its way down the neck of her shirt to said cleavage . . . Yee-ARGH!"

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