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*prod prod prod*


Inner 8-year-old my hiney!


Face the facts fanboy.. you can't out-squee me. I have Gragg wallpaper on my PC, a folder dedicated to orcs-related artwork in my faves-list, and an autographed pic of Mr. Elfslayer himself.


Tis only a pity I will have to wait a bit longer before that one-and-a-half-pound paperweight of a hill-giant will be adorning my desktop. Question is, how to fit him into my new Reaper army-carrier. He'll take up half of it.

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New release from Reaper: The Army Transport Pocket Dimension


No longer do you need to fret over how many transport cases you need to carry. No longer do you need to worry about the weight of an army. No longer will you worry about the condition of your miniatures after a lengthy trip.


The ATPD is easily accessed via an EZ Portal . The storage space is approximately 100,000 Cubic Feet, usually enough for most Rabid Gamers . Be sure and get one at your FLGS.

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