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NICE. Very very nice.


I love the colors. The purple is very nice. Did I mention how nice they are?


I have my new color scheme. Great NMM work.


The emblems on the shoulder pads, did you do those by hand or are they decals? They look fabulous.


Thanks for sharing.



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Well, I have to say, to my tastes, the color scheme doesn't work for me. The blue shoulder pads just clash with the purple to me.


Other that, those models are freaking awesome. How did you do that banner? It's amazing. Great job with the ivory and purple. Nice shading and highlighting. The scenic base looks great.


Did I mention I love the banner?

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I was wondering who got SS in Baltimore, that answers my question ^_^ Congratulations!


Beautiful job. Super clean, and especially impressive to see a unit entry get the SS.


Did you have any other entries?


ps. Oh and I don't think there is anything wrong with the color selection. They are close to a split complementary, which works perfectly fine.

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Mengu, I did have another entry that placed (this mini, to be exact) but it pales in comparison to Vincent's dreadnought.



For the standard, I first sketched the outline of the image with a mechanical pencil. Then I blocked in the brightest areas of color. Then I applied the darkest colors, being careful to preserve as much detail as possible. Doing it this way helped me to keep track of the structure of the form I was painting. After the darks and lights were in, I then "blended" the two using alternating colors that were either darker than the lightest or lighter than the darkest. In addition I used washes/glazes in order to adjust the overall tone before I applied the next layer. Normally, I paint freehand the same way I paint the rest of the mini, but in this case I felt painting it "backwards" might serve to distinguish it from the rest of the squad... I hope that makes a little sense...

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Congratulations on the Sword.


I saw some early Games Day images of the squad and thought, "Someone's copying BUSHIDO's style". Later in the week I discovered it was your work. Very impressive as always. Now if we could only convince you to paint a fantasy figure....... :lol:


Warmest Regards


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