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So is it good?


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If you missed my review (I saw it couple weeks back), here it is:


"Kewl action scenes, but I'm left feeling empty."


I'm not sure any prequels can really have the effect of the 'following' movies. Let's face it, there's no gut punch like "I am your father" (does anyone NOT know who the Emperor is?).


You know you're still going to see it no matter what I say.


You HAVE TO, it's Star Wars after all...

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I caught a midnight showing last night..


all I will really say is this:


George Lucas redeemed himself of his past sins (read: Episode 1 & 2). Episode 3 was easily the best of the prequel trilogy, and I really enjoyed it.


My only real dislikes were the droids.. they acted so... human, with corny humor added.


best part: jar jar was only in the movie for maybe a total of 10 seconds, and didn't say a WORD. Woohoo!

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Just saw it for the second time today. It was excellent.


I like Episodes I & II, even though there were things I think could have been better, or bigger, and it is impossible to recapture the magic of the original trilogy (Ep. IV, V, & VI). That said, Episode III is in a different class.


Even though I knew what was coming, there were a few surprises. Revenge of the Sith pulls things together nicely, and dovetails the prequels with the original trilogy. The overall impact was a kick in the head. The best way I can describe it is "terribly beautiful."

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Didn't like it. Family didn't much care for it either. As a matter of fact, my kids commented as we left today that they still like the 'old' movies (the original three).


The special affects were top notch but I think the acting was sub-par to be honest. The humor added in for the robots was just plain idiotic. Overall, just .. bleah.


There were nice parts, like how Aniken became Darth Vadar (not that lame arsed 'I name you ...' but at the end there, and the suit) but honestly, few and far between.


But that's just my opinion - sadly I bought into all the hype.

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