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So is it good?


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Yeah, that's something I had problems with the first to 'new' movies. Since most of it was against a Greenscreen, the actors would have difficulties believing they were in the far-flung past, etc...


One of the great parts of the Original Three is that those really were sets that Ford, Fisher, and Hamill were running around on. (it also helps that those three were fantastic actors, as well).


Now my current standing in order of greatness is still Empire, New Hope, and then Jedi. This might change tonight, we'll see.


I think the reason I liked Empire so much is, as Dante from 'Clerks' put it "It ends on such a down-note"



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AGH! It's not Empire good. It's not even "Return of the Jedi" good.


It's a heck of a lot better that Eps. I and II, but 1 is also infinitely greater than zero.


It's got plot, I'll give it that. It's got plot coming out of its ears, but the biggest single problem is that the significance of the plot hinges upon a human tragedy that rings hollow because of practically non-existant characterization by actors who have all their on-screen life directed out of them by our esteemed Mr. Lucas.


(Ewan Mcgregor, bless him, tries his darndest and comes the closest to connecting emotionally with me when he expresses his heartbreak toward the defeated Anakin, but one moment does not a movie make.)


It was good brain candy. Fun to look at, but where it really mattered for me -- the development of the human tragedy that leads to the creation and subsequent redemption of the greatest evil the universe had ever known -- simply wasn't there.


I could elaborate, but I may get lynched. :;):



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Anyone else question the idea that Padme would have died during childbirth under normal circumstances? In the US, maternal death is 1 in 10,000 - and I would hazard a guess that, on Coruscant, it would be far lower than that. At least, for an affluent, educated, healthy woman, who presumably has had some sort of pre-natal care.


Yeah, he had prophetic dreams. Apparently, Yoda learned something in the 20-odd years between Ep III and Empire. In Ep III, he tells Anakin to let go, and no form attachments.


Luke's visions, OTOH, wind up with "Difficult to see. Always in motion is future. " Luke learns that his actions can affect the vision - but not always for the better.


Maybe someone should have set Anakin down and told him that his vision could be a warning of things to come, rather than a concrete reality that must come to pass.


Personally, I'd have killed the known evil (Emperor) and made sure my wife got the best medical care possible.

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I was pretty disappointed as this as well--the acting was sub par, the story was predictable, and while it had some good action sequences, the beginning dog fights just seemed to be slightly out of focus which I hate.

Let's not even go into the problems of Anakin 'nudging' droids off of Obi Wan's fighter or how it took everyone about 20 minutes to go anywhere.

On the other hands though, Anakin going over to the darkside so easily gives me a great idea for a commercial:

'What would you do for a Klondike Bar?"

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Saw it yesterday. My Mom, who stood in line with her brother in '77, really liked it, but still hates Hayden Christiansen.


I thought it was a fairly good movie taken as a standalone, with some clever action and nifty effects.


I just can't reconcile the inconsistency's of the Prequils amoungs themselves, not to metion between the original triology.


Oh and I'm also sick of seeing so much bleeding CG. Most everything in the movie was huge and fake. Impressive looking surely, but it all seemed to lack mass despite it's scale. Once the actors end up on a real set it's incredibly refreshing, but dimishes the CG.

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Personally I like all six of them, 4-5-6 more so than 1-2-3 but you get that. Classic vs Modern, classic wins hands down in this case but that's got a lot to do with real sets vs CG. The original three were just so much more dynamic.


Ep3, well other than the rather large plot wholes it was well done and quite entertaining. I really enjoyed it, by far my fav of the new three.

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