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I'm stealing Warlord miniatures

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Okay, Not really but it sure felt like it. My FLGS is holding an inventory reduction sale and I was able to score the Warlord starter set(the big set with the book and figs) and the Necropolis faction box set for under $50 dollars total.


Just wanted to brag,




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Congratulations! Snagging deals is awesome. ::D:


At my local store, I've gotten 40 GW saurus (5th ed plastic), and five metal skink cavalry models (5th ed Tichi Huichi's Raiders) for $50 together. That's around $130 retail for what I got. I also got five metal space marines (Usually around $5 each now because they're 2nd ed style), and a plastic space hulk terminator librarian for $1 each.


The world is your garage sale, you just have to know where to look. ::D:

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