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Warlord in Amesbury MA

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We have a good group of people starting to play Warlord in our store and I was wondering if anyone else in the area was looking for some people to play?


We have at least 5 different people showing up to play tomorrow at different times (Friday) and I know we'll have some on Saturday as well...

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PJ, you shill!


Seriously, we picked up 7 more players this week.


Warlord demos SO well :)


I just need to convince more customers to play dwarves so the Overlords don't take over!!!


(Wildbill - if you're ever in the Boston area come see us :) Or maybe we'll all see you NEXT ReaperCon!)

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Just let me know when you're thinking of having your next set of battles Mick and I'll try to bring my Reven to represent.


What size armies are you fielding right now?


And your darn dwarves are ruining my Forgemarch. It was bad enough with the Overlords...

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Yeah Qwyk, tell me about those darn Overlords.


Between Pete, Dan and Danny I don't think I'll be able to keep up. Especially since I don't see any stable Dwarf players around yet... time to convert some people :)


We'll be playing on Saturdays pretty regularly (sometimes there will be other events that may make it a little messy getting table space but I haven't seen a day yet where we didn't have at least on table open - even if it was downstairs).


I think we picked up another 6 - 10 players this last week. The store is all a'buzz!


see ya soon, sounds like ya did pretty well at Reapercon!

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Cool Ranzadoule! Call ahead and I'll try my best to have a gauntlet ready for you to run :)


edit: I forgot to mention!: June 18th we're having Reaper Day at the Toy Soldier. We're running several events including a Warlord Tournament. Hopefully Cher will post about the event very soon.

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