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Masters touch brushes

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W&N 7's are the best brushes in my book. Almost all of the mini's I have painted since I bought my four brushes look like a different painter painted them when compared to my mini's I painted with citadel brushes. I can actually get all of the detail on a figure without any problems. They are the best!


I bought mine online too because no place around here carries them and I live in Phoenix!


Twiz, the W&N's are worth the expense, trouble and risk of ordering them. They are the BESTEST brushes.


Just remember to love your brushes, take care of your brushes, and always always reshape the tip.


Oh, before I forget I found some really great brush cleaner that isn't too abrasive and get all of the paint out of your brush. It's called Pink Soap and I got it at Michaels. Helps the tip stay in the right shape longer.

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Ok its gotta happen now!! gonna order the W&N's from dickblick(probably). Ill have to go to another town to get the pink soap all I use right now is unscented, non-colored hand soap to clean. and I always reshape my brushes when done. then I let them sit for 15 min or so and then put the plastic tip cover on to ensure nothing happens to them. even with the ell-cheepo brushes that I use for bases!! Boy the wifes gonna be mad when she hears about the next expense for my hobby!!! ::D:

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Eh, just tell her it's a necessary expense that will only occur once in a blue moon. The thing is that you won't have to buy these brushes for another couple of years. When they start splitting that is when you need to clean them with soap. Otherwise don't use soap every time you are done painting and you are cleaning them. Washing them every time you have painted will dry them out and ruin the hairs.

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