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High Elf Noble On Steed


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I have had my eyes on this one for a few years. One of the better sculptures from Warhammer. So when I had it on my painting table I rolled up my sleves and went to work wanting to put in as many hours as I could and patience would allow. And here it is. I see areas where I could improve some more but there is a certain point when you just have to put down the mini.


Sometimes I wonder how many hours could you put in on a mini and how would it look like if you put in front of one of the top painters and said you cant stop painting until you have done 400 hours on this mini.

Would it be the most fantastic mini ever or would the artist go insane first? :lol:


When I was finishing him up last night and gave him his last dullcoat I tiredly turned my chair and accidently knocked the box the Elf was sitting on to dry and knocking him over the dullcoat still wet.

With heart pounding I found half his shield messed up and some flock knocked of and up on the horse.

"Stupid Elf I tought Falling of the Horse on purpose banging up his shield"


The Fixup took only another 30 min luckily the extent of damage wasnt to bad



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Wow. Absolutly stunning. The horse looks amazing, as does all your nmm.


As I was Dullcoting my very first miniature for a contest I bumbed the table and the mini fell off its little painting pedastel(sp?) and the arms popped off. But after pinning the arms it fixed up nicely.

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Let me check my sanity, Jup still got it ::D:


No this one is going to go for ebay auction the first week of june cant afford to paint for myself at the moment ::(:


The horse flesh I did by stappling, The Colors is Black and Parchment white a Liquitex tube color ( one of my favorites ) mixed with procolor Woodland brown. This is a grey I use for my steel NMM and have it premixed in a dropper bottle.

I mixed this in with a tiny bit muddy olive masterpaint for the base color. then I started stappling dotting with a 5/0 sable brush I made sure to not load the brush to much and to keep the paint very thinned down with my extender mix so it would meld in. I would increase the Parchment more in the mix as whent for a new layer of highlight for the end part I used titanium white and parchemnt equell parts for the last highlight.

I also darkened the legs with my grey mix and some more black in it to make a darker grey.

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Think that's cool...


Check out his website. The shear volume of beautifully painted figures is astounding. It's enough to make any gamer want to cry... I really can't see selling that stuff, I'd regret it every time I sat down to play! "Ahh... That mom with her two kids would be perfect right now..."


How much do you actually keep for yourself?

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For the base I used Caspia, you can find it many times at wallmart for 2-3 dollers in the dried flower department, if not then I would try Hobby lobby I have seen it there to. each pack comes in 2-3 colors I think they color them.


When you flock the base but alot of glue on the base so it is wellcovered then you use a small pair of sciccors and cut small strips of the flowers the grow on side of the stem I do this before I glue by the way because you dont want the glue to dry before you are done.

Then laying the sideways with flowers up and the side with no flowers down using some smaller pieces to make it look random I press them into the glue so they hold with blunt side of exacto blade.

Then when you have enough on you take the flock I use woodland sceenics myself and a little oregano mixed in and sprinkle it on then very carefully press the flock down into the glue.

That way it looks like there is flowers poking up here in there through the grass.


Hope I explained and my horrible writing skills diddnt confuse you. ::D:


Since I do this as a parttime job besides keeping the house clean and stuff guess I am a househusband. I dont get to keep any it was hard to learn to part with the minis but you get used to it after a while.


Every single mini I have posted have been sold.

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The main blue on the Cloth and such was Templar blue master paint.


TDK I do use black lining, I take black and some muddy brown master paint and thin it out so it is a little bit thiker than ink The dark brown I have found better and I will lighten it or darken it depending on the area. ::D:

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Boy someone took an issue with this paintjob on CMON the sniper fire came in hot and heavy, I almost felt like putting on my helmet and flack jacket and jumping into my bunker and waving a white flag,

Well what can you do, just have to guess it happens to everyone and go on maybe next time the people who snipe will be asleep when I put up my work heheheheheh :lol:

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