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Overheard at ReaperCon


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"It tastes kinda like Silly Putty."- referring to Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.


Followed by "Yeah it's a little saltier than Silly Putty."


MadPat got a huge kick out of that one.

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Her Oberfroschmeister:


"I'm more eloquent on the internet.  My tongue doesn't have a backspace key."

I'd love to have this on a t-shirt!!! ::P:

As would I. Oh Frosch, I picked up something for you at work today that deals with frogs. 'nough said. :lol:

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(overheard in the FUDGE-dungeon)


"Okay.. roll for 'pooping'."


(overheard in the Asylum)


"This money should be good. I printed it just this morning."


(overheard though perhaps misunderstood at the paint-&-take table)


"Have you tried our Nuclear Red?"


(overheard at the Warlord tournament table)


"Sokar has BEER!"

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