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Overheard at ReaperCon


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(furtive whispers possibly overheard coming from "Santa's Workshop' upstairs)




(I will not disclose the name of the party of the first part *cough* or the party of the second part to whom she was referring. *giggles*)

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mini-licker or minilickin from Gary in the paint dept.


I shame the fatman's code--Unglef



nAchos--Unglef at Chili's


I gotta find a bar-Lord Warlord--Friday night outside Super 8



actually not what I heard but what I saw Friday night, I was layin in bed tryin to go to sleep & I heard something outside my window, so I went to look & saw nothing, but a few secs later I saw Unglef barefoot in the parking lot with keys, he'd walk a few feet stop look around & hold up the keys, walk a few feet stop look around & hold up the keys, I was laughin my butt off, then I was sayin to myself, 'yup that's Unglef" ::):


Randy M

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1. NMM is essentially blending...

1a. With alot of tiny circular motions...

2. Well, with an awareness of light-sourcing...

3. And the high edge is white...

4. And immediately below this it's black...

5. but only a very thin edge

5. Then you blend it back to near white

6. but that's essentially it... simple!



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Her Oberfroschmeister:


"I'm more eloquent on the internet.  My tongue doesn't have a backspace key."

I'd love to have this on a t-shirt!!! ::P:

As would I. Oh Frosch, I picked up something for you at work today that deals with frogs. 'nough said. :lol:

This can be done.

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"You two look like a couple of grumpy old men telling fishing stories..."


-Anne to Jester and myself as we were sitting out in front of the sculptor's furncae, having a smoke.


"It's like you're stepping on Scott..."


-Dancin' Debbie when she saw the bases of a couple of my new Crusader models, complete with the remains of fallen Skeletal Warriors and Crimson Knights.


"John Bonnot would totally be singing his "Warlord Oddity" song to you right now..."


Bryan to me as I'm screwing the pooch trying to qualify in the Warlord tournament.

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