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ReaperCon 05

toy soldier mick

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I know you must all be exhausted from having so much fun... but I want to see proof of that fun!


What sneak peaks did you all see?


I want pix of the cool terrain that must have been there! and the armies! and the hot models!


patiently awaiting the full Warlord line to arrive at the store...

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Top Posters In This Topic

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT.. keep yer shirts on!


(more coming soon)


This was probably the highlight of my weekend.. the tournament winner.




Kelcore and his Crusaders managed a victory after using the "mercy" ability to recruit models from Herr Frosch's faction and turn them against their former allegiance.


Thanks to Karg the Devout, Braug the Pious and other greenskin converts, Denelspire is safe again...


... or so they think.. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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wOOt! Had to add this one in!




The notorious orcish gentleman sporting purple felt hat and lots of bling should need no introduction. He was kind enough to proxy for the Reven musician in Sunday's game.

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