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ReaperCon 05 Pictures!


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Wow. Now I can see the 26 pounds I've lost. It's a vast improvement over the pictures taken over Christmas.


Hopefully, next year, there will be more poundage gone. Normally I'm pretty anti-picture, and that I was lenient with most everyone at ReaperCon says a lot.

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LOL I know just how you feel, Haldir.


Here's a few more pics. One of the AOL-gremlins ate my entire original rcon05 folder and all its contents so I had to re-upload all my pics. Let's hope they stay up this time.




Here's more pics from the tournament...in no particular order unfortunately




There's Qyksilver on the left at the tournament table. He played Reven..but then everybody who's anybody plays Reven.




Here's OberLanseMeister and of course, his Reven.


This year was a veritable Rev-In. I nominate we change the name of the event to ReaperKhan! ::D:

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It was a bad day for Kellinator's elves....




...and a pretty bad day for my Reven.... but that's okay. It's all about the fun, right kiddies!


I call the following pic, "Trouble from the cheap-seats"



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