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Lord Ironraven WIP


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Howdy all!

I am quite happy with the few simple techniques that I learned from my painting classes at ReaperCon. Please keep in mind that this is an unfinished mini. I have paid almost no attention to his head, so yes, it needs work.


All I've done so far is base coat and blue/brown line everything. I hope to start on the head and highlights this week.


Here he is!




and his back



This mini was a pain for a beginner to work on! Brush access to all those straps and buckles on the back of his legs is blocked by the sash and polearm! My brush control is not good enough to pick out the details while avoiding all the other other intruding parts.


Anyway, like I said, this is only basecoated and lined. even so, it still looks better than my previous minis!


Let me know what you guys think,


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id call it realistic... lol.


ive started to use a black wash on most of my silver armor... it adds a bit of.. grime?... reality?


hah, whatever it is, its fun

Vallejo makes an 'oil' in their Game Color line that works really well too.

cool, i might have to check that out, got a link for me?

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sounds like your looking/wanting the color


Smoke out of the Model Color line, great stuff, just gotta shake shake & shake some more & then thin it & not worry about the chunky bits in it, as they'll go away (also the color seems like it has alot of other colors but when applied it's more brown or a light black)


Great stuff


Vallejo has a website, just google it, also I know Neal at theWarstore.com has it as well.



Randy M

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