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Portable paint stations

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So im wondering what types of cases you guys like to keep all these wonderful paints in. Im looking or a good one that is also portable, and if you order the full line of master paints rom reaper do they come in a case or just boxed. The tackle box method is getting kinda old and it doesnt really carry my paints well



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well, not for total portability of paints, but for a small amount of paints, and minis, im using the Battle Hive by Crystal Caste


works out nicely, though im only taking about 20-30 paints with me and most are pro paints, or GW paints.. however i do have some master series in there, all i did was remove one of the layers of foam..lol

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I just got this and I am Amazed by it's greatness...

Sabol Designs Paint Kit


It holds84 Paints I think... Comes with a 2.5 Inch tray for WIP's, but if you use RMS Paints The 2.5 wont fit, but a 1.5 or a 2 will just fine! I just use three paint trays full of RMS and a 1.5 for tools, GS, and brushes.


Or be super thrifty and Buy some Standard Foam Trays as well and Just swap them out as needed. 25 bucks for a sabol case cant be beat! In case your wondering, I dont work for them, I'm jsut amazed at how versatile this little bad boy is!

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There will be a paint case for the Reaper series of paints.


Coming in May, the Deluxe Paint Caddy!

"Perfect for storing and carrying your Mater Series and Pro Paints, this clear, durable plastic Paint Caddy holds up to 120 Master Series bottles and over 60 Pro Paint bottles. Additionally, the Paint Caddy can be re-arranged with up to 16 separate compartments designed for carrying brushes and miniatues.

Dimensions: 16.5" L, 9.75" W, 3.25" H."


As I understand it will be about $20.


When is it coming out?

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Hmmm... I guess I need to broaden my search paramaters. I was hoping to buy them locally.

I have been able to buy dropper bottles at Prizm Art Supply store near me as well as Pat Catan's craft store. You can also try JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.


The Army Transport is neat, but kinda unnecessary. Paint Bottles are fragile at all, in fact they are very durable, at least my Reapers and Vallejos. Packaging in all that foam takes up a lot of space. At only 28 bottles per tray, you aren't holding that much paint. If you only need a small number of paints and are traveling with minis and you can fit both in one case, that's cool. I travel with way too many paints for that.


I've seen some people carrying their paints in plastic, rubbermaid like boxes that were tall enough to stand up droper bottles in. Those hold a lot of paint for their size. I'm going to look for a few of those in the 1' by 1.5' approximate size.


By the way, I'm not home at the moment... Can anyone tell me the height of the Reaper Master paint bottles as well as the height of Vallejo? Gonna do some shopping today...

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