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im with ya there... i just found out that my 20/0 brush was still loaded with a bit of red, and my paint cup still had water in it... the last time i painted was wednesday


plus, i cant seem to do much more thna a few touch ups before i get bored with what im doing.


im totally feeling the painting blahs right now

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And I've discovered that in the past couple of weekends, everything I had learned two years ago has gone by the wayside.  I can't even seem to get a decent primer on a mini.  <_<

Don't worry too much about it. It will all come back. It just takes time. ::(:


When I haven't been painting for a month or so, I can't do anything right. The paints are all wrong, my hands are shaky, etc. You've been away for even longer, so it will take some time to get back.


I suggest doing some basecoating until you get your brush control back. I know it helps me a lot when I don't feel my painting is working out....

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In a related note. Do you base coat everywhere, then do shadows everywhere then highlight everywhere. Or do you basecoat, shadow and highlight in one area, say the skin, then do the next area, say the armor? What is the order that you paint?

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I've gone through a lot of methods to what I do now. I started with layering by putting the mid-tone and then adding shadows and hightlights, but that didn't work too well for me.


I also tried basecoating, then inking and drybrushing. Didn't like that, either.


Also primed black, then drybrushed white, and put translucent layers of color on that. That worked pretty well for me for a while. That lead me to doing dark to light.


I've been painting dark to light about two years, and I like it so far. I occasionally do the basecoat, ink, then highlight method. I find that since my brush skills have improved, that the method works better for me.


I might try mid-tone then shade and highlight again. It is entirely possible that my earlier failures were not the technique but my painting skills.


But the people I've studied with, or had mentoring from, have use Dark to Light, so that is still the primary method I use.

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seems pretty split so far..lol


dark to light

midtone first


we can sum up everyones style in those 2..lol


though, if you mean dark to light as in darker toned colors to lighter, then... well you could in theory be working flip flopped sometimes..lol

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