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2nd printing of rulebook is out!

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While at Reapercon this past weekend, I discovered that the rulebooks on the shelf in the Asylum were in fact 2nd printings! They include much of the errata found so far, and all of the army chapters are in alphabetical order! :lol:

Of course I had to pick one up, even though I already own 2 of the 1st printing books. I wonder if the 1st printing books will someday be worth big bucks? There are only about 1000 of them in existence. :devil:

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My FLGS sells out of the rulebook almost every week (he only does bring in like 2 copies though) so when I go in tomorrow I'll have to see what printing the book is. I guarantee my version (purchased back in January) is 1st printing thanks to the fact the army list are DEFINITELY not in alphabetical order. :B):


Plus, it's not like I could turn mine back in or anything either. I've kinda sorta maybe taken my book apart and put it in clear plastics sleeves in a 3 inch 3 ring binder with all kinds of tabs and stuff. ::D:


Does that make it a collector's item? :wub:



Wild Bill :blues:

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