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2nd printing of rulebook is out!

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I would only begrudge this if I was playing Elves, truth be told; I wish they made elven archers non-adept in pure faction forces.


I do feel pretty drappy for people who went out and bought 20 or 30 archer models and now can't use more than 10 of them unless they are playing a 2000+ point force.

I'm one of those people who has a bunch of elven archers.

Please for the love of god, morality and ethics... (did I say PLEASE :wacko: ) tell me you are joking. :unsure:


Do Dwarves playing a flute still outrun a Lion, Griffon, Demon, Angel and Ashakia? :rock:


Did they fix Greater Magical Protection?

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Will we see a full, official Reaper produced, PDF that contains all the changes made between the 1st and 2nd printings?

on page 143 of the 2nd printing book, it states the downloads will be available at ReaperGames.com.


I'm not sure it is uploaded there yet, but it will be according to the book.

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I wonder if the 1st printing books will someday be worth big bucks?

My first printing first edition dungeon masters guide isn't worth very much. So probably not. ^_^

Umm.... yes, yes it is. I first print first edition DMs guide is worth over $100 in decent condition. ^_^

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I'm pretty sure the ReaperStore is now offering only 2nd printing books to Distributors, retailers, and individuals.


We only have a dozen or so first-runs left anyway, and I'm currently using them to make a fort to protect me from the clowns.  (the ones that try to eat you if you sleep)

I just received the rulebook I ordered directly from Reaper - I had 3 of the first printing, but wanted to get the second printing version so I could do a page-by-page comparison to update the Errata document text.


Now I have four copies of the first printing.


Bryan, since there is no FLGS here in Thailand, is there a way to ensure that if I order another one it will indeed be a second printing?

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@abngi - As of ReaperCon there should have been NO copies of the first printing that shipped. That was an error on the part of shipping. If Bryan doesn't respond to this thread email him directly and we'll send you the correct one.


For those that have asked the "quick recognition points" are:


2nd Printing


Two major external differences:

1) Cover art is shifted slightly

2) The spine features a white head/tail ribbon between the pages and the cover


Two major internal differences:

1) Last page is the quick reference sheet instead of an ad for the Miniature Building Authority

2) The data card sections are alphabetical and the army name is by the page number

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