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Reaper Paints: Good?

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Well I may as well toss in my 2¢. I own all the Citadel line, Most of the Vallejo Model color line, half the VGC line and I guess about half the Reaper Masters. I was looking forward to the latter from everything I have heard they were supposed to be the end all be all of paints. Well I have tried them off and on for the last few months and am sorely disappointed in their behavior and final effect. I find they have a very "plastic" feel to them when it comes to painting unless you thin them down as much as VMC, however at this rate of thinning I have found their coverage to be poor compared to both VMC and VGC. The final effect I was referring too is that they leave a glossy finish to some of the darker colors. I was under the impression that they would dry dead matte.


Now I have heard that I can call Reaper Customer Service and can replace the bottles that leave a gloss finish, but I will be quite honest with the way the paint feels I pretty much have chalked this up to lesson learned and shelved the paints. Its a shame too as I really had high expectations with these. Its good to hear that Reaper is continuing to work on the line to make improvements and will work with the end user to replace any of the paints that are having problems. Maybe its the impatience in me but when I sit down to paint I like to have all my tools in front of me and work on the project at hand, I rarely have multiple minis primed as I find that distracting, so when I find a problem with a bottle, that pretty much puts me at a halt as I have to mail in my bottle to have a replacement sent. So it is basically no painting for me for at least a week until I receive the replacement. While it is great that improvements are being made it kind of feels like, as with software, a beta product was released and the company is relying on patches to the product after its in the field to correct known deficiency’s.


Its a shame too as I see the last two releases of paints have some really nice colors which the other lines don't have, but I just cannot bring myself to buy any more of these. Now mind you several people really like these paints and I really do not want this to come out as negative as I feel it is. Reaper does a bang up job with their customers to improve their products. As has been said a lot of people really love these paints so I really guess it comes down to how well you would like them. My recommendation is to buy a triad and see how you feel about them before committing to the entire line.

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Now mind you several people really like these paints and I really do not want this to come out as negative as I feel it is. Reaper does a bang up job with their customers to improve their products. As has been said a lot of people really love these paints ...

An honest opinion, whether pro or con is always valuable. I'm not a fan of the RMP for some of the same reasons that you mention. VMC suits me much better. Fortunately for Reaper many people like RMP. I bought 10 bottles to test and I'm happy I didn't get the whole set.

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Pigmentia! HA! I thought that was my obsession with bacon!


Mediocrity - I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. Mine, personally were different.


I now find myself reaching almost predominately for RMS paints these days and here is how I got there.


When I first started painting WAAAAAY back when everyone was going nuts over mammoth hair brushes - I didn't know to use primer and I used testors paints. Then I learned acryllics work better - so I got a bunch of craft paints. Then I learned to primer.


After a while I started using the old fliptop citadel paints, which were great :) I'd happily paint straight out of the bottle - and it was good. Then the bottles and paints changed... and it was ok. Then they went to the new flip tops and it was good again :) I really like the new citadel paints (and the old ones which are coat d'arms, btw) - especially the reds, earth-tones and until recently, the flesh tones (they are still good, I like RMS better)


Then everyone was going nuts about vallejo paints - so I got some game colors since they mimiched the GW line - and it was good. :) They were nice and thin, had the colors I needed and they were in dropper bottles so they didn't dry as fast or gunk up.


Then I tried model colors - and I got wicked frustrated! I didn't shake them enough, so they were seperated. I didn't thin them so they were gritty. I absolutely hated them at first. Then I learned to thin them and use an extender and it was good again.


Then I got the RMS - and they really are nice.. they have an agitator so they don't need as much shaking and the pigmentation is killer. I never used to thin out my paints - but I do so regularly now, as thats how they work best. Put a little on the pallet, add a drop of water and paint.


I also learned various paints are formulated for various techniques. The Adikolor paints, which also drove me bonkers at first because of their texture, really excel at being wetblended - not my style of painting so I don't use them.


The RMS are really good at layering, which is my style - and since they are triaded they are brilliant for someone who just wants to paint up an army and have them look nice :)


Perhaps the RMS paints just don't suit your personal painting style - and thats OK. :) If I had to offer one bit of advice, I'd say stick with 'em for a little while and get the feel of them more. If I hadn't have done this, I'd have really missed out on the vallejo model color paints.

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