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Griffon WIP


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Hi all,


I'm working on a figure that is part of a line I am starting. This is a griffon that will be attacking a knight, but it is only partly done. I chose to start with a white undercoat as that makes it much easier to do glazes of color. The main color is liquitex burnt umber, mixed with some mars black. I put that over everything but the breast. Then I washed it with thin brown + blcak GW ink mixed with a drop of Delta Ceramicoat gloss varnish and water. The neck was painted with pure thinned burnt umber, then glazed with multiple thin layers of chestnut ink mixed with some gloss varnish and water. The breast was done with a thin burnt umber + titanium white. Highlights for the main body feathers is burnt umber + white, then glazed with some brown ink, then highlighted again. I did this until the highluights were even and not chalky. The neck was highlighted with some VGC scrofolous brown + white, then glazed with burnt umber and some more chestnut ink.


The feathers are done first but lightly drybrushing with tube Ti white in successive layers, one feather at a time. The dark parts on the ends were done with burnt umber + black with a light glaze of VGC cobra leather. The paint was kept thin on the small stripes, mixed with white. After all the stripes were done, a glaze of Ti white was painted inwards towards the feather roots. This evens out the initial wash of burnt umber and fades the stripes. This part is very important so the texture of the feathers does not get lost as I try to lighten them up.


The claws and beak are a base of bad moon yellow, then glazed with cobra leather, burn umber, brown ink, and blended back up with white mixed in. The beak was painted with a light blue on the tip, then tube mars black was glazed over the end in multiple layers to make the dark part. The claws were done with black, then highlights with blue and white.


The eye was painted with bad moon yellow, with more burn umber and cobra leather mixed in on the part up higher. Think gem painting, even though in the photo is is har to notice. The bottom was highlighted with more white. Then I put in the iris with burn umber + black + white, then the pupil with black. This filled most of the eye. Finally I put a white do for the sun highlight, again think GW gem.


thats pretty much it for now.





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Hey, I was wondering when you were going to get around to painting these guys. It's very natural looking, do you have a picture you're basing it on?


The eyes look gorgeous. The feathers on the body could have a bit more sheen where the light hits. Any chance of a back shot for the wings?

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I have a bunch of reference photo, mostly red-tailed hawks and harriers. The best ones are actully Audobon paintings. The red breast is more of a harrier trait than a hawk but the wings are a hawk's. The body probably will get a touch more highlighting to finish it off, or else washes to increase the contrast of the dark areas.

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