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White Primer

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The problem with the Tamiya (I just found out at ReaperCon last weekend) is that they've had to stop shipping it to the USA 'till they get the labels on their cans re-printed in English--at least for the health hazard warnings.

Hunts down and kills the "just one child" those rediculous laws try to save.

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I just use brush on black paint. I often find myself too lazy to walk downstairs, find a piece of... bleh, I'm even too lazy to write it out. ^_^


But yeah, I had a problem with grainy white primer, but just started using black paint. I like the black better because it helps obscure some of those details I miss or am too lazy to paint, where the white primer makes it glaringly obvious I haven't finished the mini.





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I find that primers vary can to can and can go bad without warning, with some brands being worse than others. I suspect it is dependant on maker and the mixture of primer particles/adhesive/ propellant. It seems a random occurrence when the primer goes bad. After that it is only fit for terrain and larger low-detail items


Keeping nozzles clean sometimes helps


GW's primers are random quality, and overpriced. The Results are good enough, but for 8 bux a can I demand to be able to use the whole can and never to have a can start bad.[happen to me and ruined an epic plastic titian]


Old armory primer was ok for me, i have only heard bad things about random quality in the last few years.


Had 2 cans of plastikote black, both started bad



Brite Touch is good in my book It goes on super thin [that good], their black is a real black [not dark grey] and their “brown oxide is a SUPER red, perfect for any dragons you may be painting. Murry’s carries the brand now, K-mart used to.



Rusty-olium primers seem sub par. Their brown is very brown, but it goes on thick, cap leaks and can goes bad when half empty[store clerk said it happens often.


I hear good things for krylon


Cheap primers Big lots, ace, etc seem to work fine for me


I prime with the colour that will work best for the mini. Dark minis and full plate wearers get black. White primer for minis i will want bright. Grey for in between the two extreams [i use grey the most] Red primer for red dragons and firey critters. Brown for earthy and boney figures. Fuzzy black primer followed by dusty white primer for a mini that will be a statue.[why waste bad cans?] I swear by none, but good blacks and brown seem the rarest for me.

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im having a blast with my grey primer.. the black primer from GW actually masked details from my eyes, and white makes them too hard to look at for too long..lol


the grey seemed a perfect balance for me

Put me in the Grey Primer Camp, as I may have mentioned in another thread.


I use Grey Primer by Krylon. I have yet to have a problem with it, except for when my previous can was low and I didn't mix it well.


Unlike the White Krylon I used before, I haven't had issues with grainyness. I have used black, but like others, I have trouble seeing detail. Same with white, actually. I won't switch to white or black anytime soon.





Another issue is the nozzle. Be sure to hold the can upside down and squirt a piece of cardboard for a few seconds (until you stop seeing paint come out). This will keep the pigment from caking inside the nozzle. Also, the first blast out of any spray can (matte finish, primer, etc.) should not be directed at anything you care about, as you sometimes get a blast of material as the pressure forces out any caked up material. Just a few things I've learned the hard way. :down:

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I use a variety of primers anymore, but mostly I like using Duplicolor grey, Walmart grey, Duplicolor White, Walmart Rex Oxide primer (just sprayed a Warmachine dwarf mechanic & Syn or Syan, the blacksmith tiny dude out of the Exalted line). & Duplicolor black, but very rarely with black, as it obscured detail on me.


I do use brush ons, when I'm too lazy to spray small parts like sprues I forgot to spray or whatnot.


I've used Tamiya's primer but not on minis, it was nice but retails for like 7-8 bucks for a can slightly bigger then their normal spray cans, not worth it to me.


Randy M

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Floquil figure primer has always been ace for me. It leaves a nice painting surface, bonds to the metal well and cures solid overnight.


The primer can be found in base white, light gray, black and even zinc chromate for all of your styling needs. ::D:

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Dreadfully sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but I'm having serious primer issues right now. I've been working on a mixed group of Reaper and GW miniatures for a few months now, and I'm getting a grainy coat of primer on them no matter what I do. I've run through seven cans of primer now- four Armory (two black, one grey, and one white) two Citadel (one each of white and black) and one Modelmasters. They all gave me a sandy, grainy surface except for the Model Masters, which dried sticky and didn't want to take paint either. I can't figure out what the problem is. I've stripped and re-primed several of them five or six times now. I always wash new minis in warm, soapy water before priming and after stripping. I've tried using a toothbrush to brush off the crud, but it doesn't come off enough to work with. I can't afford an airbrush, and I really don't want to spend even more money on yet another can of primer. I'm hoping it's somehow my fault and not the primers', so is there anything I can try?

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Yeah I am interested too. Whats the most reliable/quality/superior primer out there? Krylon? Floquil? or Tamiya?


I bought the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer today, but the guy at the R&R Hobby store recommended the Tamiya Metal Primer since I was talking about pewter mostly. They did have Floquil, couldnt figure out which Floquil to use, only one we could find was called Engine Black.

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Here's what I use:

First humidity (To much or not enough) can really wack out a primer job. Also holding the can to far form the mini itself can cause graininess.


I use a couple different ones: Krylon Grey, and Reaper paint on white. I use the paint on white when the humidity is killer and spray primer isn't an option.


I have used Testor's flat white enamel on a mini and so far that has worked well. I would use LIGHT coats of it though.

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Okay, gonna give the Floquils a try.


One more question. Would Floquil's enamels be good for the white over black technique in priming?


Cant remember what its called. Basically highlighting Black primer with White Primer.



yes, you should be able to do that with the floquil white and black primers


just make sure to give the first coat plenty of time to dry before spraying with the white

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