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CAV Wolverine Tank


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Well, the Spectre is a ways away (literally and figuratively) from being finished, but as promised to all those CAV guys at ReaperCon, here is the image of the finished Wolverine.


Then after that, I got opted into painting the main base colors on the Ritterlich and Malvernis squads before the airbrush lost an O-ring and needed to be sent home... ::(:


However, the good news is that I have on hand an entire Malvernis force that I'm going to be giving my own touch to for CAV... LOL! It was a lot of fun painting the CAV minis, and there are some plans in the works where you will see more of my painting up some CAVs. heh heh heh... if nothing else, at the least the Malvernis and one custom Merc force for myself. ::D:


Anyway, here it is guys. Enjoy. I know I certainly did!


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I wish I had managed to get to see the airbrush in action. :down:


Oh well, there's always next year. ^_^ Just drag me back there next time.


Nicely done. I hope my CAVs look half as good when I finish them.


Of course, right now, I need to clean off mold lines and assemble them. :unsure:


I also still need to find some Troll Hair. :devil:

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Looks nice sir Robert,


But Tanks are a bit easier to do with an airbrush than the CAVs, less angles to spray from. I look forward to seeing how you go about doing up the actual CAVs with airbrush (maybe something with both some fading and some hard edges if you could please).


I have been using my airbrush to prime my CAVs but still have not really figured out how to master using the airbrush for more than that if I want to more detailed work, not just full figure blends.

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cav are just plain hard to paint for me... not physically hard.... but its hard for me to think of a simplistic color scheme...


now now now, dont flame me here... lol


in most cases, you'd be useing maybe 2-3 colors on a cav.... you'd use more on a fantasy mini, especially anything by werner (fiddly bits)


theres buckles and bags and boots and skin and hair and eyes and... phew..lol

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Well, the hard edging/detailing on CAVs in terms of using an airbrush can be accomplished in one of two ways:


1 - Masking the surface, or

2 - an edge or a template type surface to cover what you don't want painted.


When painting with an airbrush, the spray comes out in a cone shape. The closer the tip to the surface, the less the area of the cone. Also, the angle in which the airbrush is presented to the surface is critical to prevent overspraying and to aid in the blending of two colors (or more) as well...


You can do all sorts of effects with an "edge template" to spray against also. However, you've got to have the miniature mounted on something else so that you can free up your opposite hand to hold the edge template. The distance that the edge template is away from the mini, and the distance the airbrush is away from the edge template also helps to determine how sharp and/or fuzzed the line can be.


Strene, carboard, cotton, paper, paintbrushes, etc are examples of things that can be used for edge templates.


Then just remember, after all the airbrushing is done, you still have to go in and do the lining, add any markings/lines/patterns/details that you want by hand... ::D:


But yes, there should be some more CAV stuff coming. :devil:

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To be honest, we don't see enough CAV in this area, and even fewer get posted for contests. While they aren't my preferred object to paint, I love seeing a well painted CAV.

well here in south Florida I've never seen any CAV stuff at any of the gaming stores. Odd? :huh:

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Well, in terms of colors used on this particular tank (took about three hours or so to paint) they were (all Reaper MSPs of course):


Rainy Grey, Deep Ocean, Marine Teal, Surf Aqua, Leather White, Pure White, Stone Grey, Brown Liner, Grey Liner, Pure Black, Sun Yellow, Sky Blue, Stormy Grey, Cloudy Grey, Misty Grey, Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel, and Polished Silver.


Rainy Grey was used to prime the miniature. Next came the areas of Leather White on the sides, and then Stone Grey above that. I painted the Deep Ocean into the edges of the Stone Grey and went back and touched up any areas of Leather White that I needed to.


Lining was a combo mix of Brown Liner, Grey Liner and Pure Black thinned down and applied with a 20/0 Master's Series brush from Reaper (my favorite lining tool).


The tread areas were coated with Pure Black and then I mixed up some demi-mettallics using a 3:1 mix of Shadowed Steel/Stormy Grey, and leveled up with 3:1 of Honed Steel/Cloudy Grey and spotted with 3:1 of Polished Silver/Misty Grey. *tips hat to Anne on the demi-metallic use* Added the same to the end of the gun barrels as well.


Highlights were done on the Deep Ocean with Marine Teal and Surf Aqua. The Leather White got edged just a bit with Pure White. Then the little lights were added in as well... thus the Sun Yellow and Sky Blue colors.


Oh, and you all can blame ReaperBryan for the chasis being on backwards. I didn't look it up and asked him, so it went on the wrong way... :lol:

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