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Okie, peeps--you're both right, you know. :) Technically, lining might be the actual going in with a sharp brush and good brush control and drawing your lines, but I used to say I brown-lined with ink back when I was a little painter, and I was performing the technique exactly like fieldarchy is. ::): The thing to remember, fieldarchy--and I'm not sure of your painter level--is that when you've achieved very good brush control you'll get a much cleaner effect from precise lining rather than washes, because you're not dirtying the basecoated surface with the brown or grey or whatever you're using to wash-line. You actually save time from not having to go back in with your basecoat, and you can experiment with more precision and small color tints in your shading by layering in your shadows instead of washing them in. ::):



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Thanks Anne! I have only been painting for less than a year and have learned mostly everything I know from postings online. I don't think I am brave enough to try to line a mini in the proper way yet without seeing someone do it. I would be too afraid to mess up a great paint job.

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