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New troop info

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For Reven:

Varaug went up 45 points and my Bull Orc Archers are now always Adepts (least the other armies' archer troops got hit with this too ^_^ )


Skeeters are also Adept, but lose the status in an all Reven army still. No point change though - still bloody expensive.



I know Andras got a nice point decrease in the new printing (32 point drop). Pete you lucky SOB ::P:



I didn't bother looking for the other armies yet.



Other big changes in the second printing are:

Warlords now needed only at 1501 point armies, as opposed to 1001) - p 51

The same type of adept can be fielded in another troop at 2000 points - p 49

Battle Totem +1 MAV doesn't stack with other Equipment - p 75

Some new Special Abilities - Cavalry, Piker, Raider

Pretty much everything else I remember seeing in Errata.

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Great googaly moogaly this is gonna make things confusing! I am sure I will be the only player in my area with a 2nd printing book for quite a while. At what point do I start treating my Reven warlord as being 245? And why would my orc archers be adepts?

At least all of the archers are now adepts. ^_^


I am NOT bashing these rules changes!!! I am mearly surprised by them. I will reserve any judgement on them until after I have played them. :;):


Any chance of Reaper publishing a list of changes from V1 to V2 on their website?


What rules should I use for the GenCon tourney?


Battle Totem +1 MAV doesn't stack with other Equipment

It never did. In the description of Equipment, it has always stated that you couldn't stack the same types of bonuses, and when multiple bonuses occur, you choose the highest. The extra sentence in the new printing just makes that more clear. :B):


Some new Special Abilities - Cavalry, Piker, Raider

Where are you finding these? I can't find them anywhere in the book. :blink:

Page number please?

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OK, someone had to do it, so it might as well be me. ::P:


Point cost changes:



No Changes



Vysa sergeant RAISED from 22 to 27

Rauthuros, Great Demon LOWERED from 285 to 282



No Changes



Vale Long Thorns RAISED from 16 to 19



Lupine Shaman LOWERED from 91 to 78



No Changes (other than the -5 stated in the errata)



Chosen of Sokar sergeant LOWERED from 31 to 28



Andras Captain LOWERED from 104 to 72



No Changes



Varaug warlord RAISED from 200 to 245

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LOL, I made notes on what rules differed between my v 1.0 and v 1.1 books and indicated page numbers this morning, since I was bored and woke up early.


It was also something quiet that wouldn't wake my wife up and get me killed ^_^


There wasn't anything in there that surprised me other than the couple of things I mentioned above. The only Army I think gets hosed by the Archer is now an Adept though are the elves. I would think they would have remained the exception since that is the principal strength of their army.

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Also, do any of the already printed units (the oned from 1.0) gain any of the new special abilities or are they simply there for future reference (Piker, Raider, Calvary)?

I have yet to see any changes to stats or abilities, other than cost changes. I think Reaper (wisely IMHO) just altered point costs when models needed tweaking, instead of editing stats &/or SAs.

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Archers are now always Adepts (least the other armies' archer troops got hit with this too  ^_^ )

Under All Armies (was page 112) are elven archers non adepts if a totally Elven force?

Nope. I checked that immediately. Still just Treeman isn't a Unique.


Changes might be made again when the faction book comes out, but yeah, elves get whomped pretty good with this change.


None of the new special abilities have been given to existing models. My guess is that these will be SA that new models coming out with the faction book will have, but will not be faction specific.


Piker is +1 in Melee vs Cavalry (possessing the SA, not just any mounted) units

Raider is my favorite, since I love breaking b2b. +2 on Dis checks when breaking b2b. I'm hoping my new faction models will have this.

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EW, what size company were you running, with 792 points consumed in archers? Even with two sergeants leading the two troops, that's 864 points. Nice while at a distance, reven food when the range closes......


Simple solution, go for 2000 points; find the REAL beauty of the game. :poke:

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My group does not play 2000 points.

Here is one of my army lists.


1 Selwyn, Vale Captain

1 Vale Archers

1 Troop Standard

9 Vale Archers


1 Meridh, Vale Sergeant

8 Vale Archers


1 Centaur

Total Company Cost: 999


I played reven and won with them also BTW. Kill the punk leaders and clerics first. Then the reven are not so tough. BTW Reven are my first faction. Reven kill elves very easily once in melee. Weather you are an archer or melee soldier elves are usually killed by the defesive strike. Each orc can only kill 1 elf a turn so as long as you do not let them get 2 elves in contact with 1 then you get to keep shooting (and moving ).

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