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Sheet Foam Insulation stuff

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ok, i think i found some at lowes, but can someone give me a link to make sure i got the right stuff...


the stuff i found was a stiff blue board (not pink like i keep seeing), its bout 1/2 inch or so thick, and the sections are bout maybe 4 feet long, and maybe 2 feet wide


id really love to get into more complex basing... so that maybe i can make some good money (supplemental cash..lol) on this stuff



i think this is the stuff i saw in the store (i hate look at lowes.com, its so disorganized)




they also have this stuff http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=prod...-LOW&lpage=none

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the only difference between the pink and blue expanded polystyrene insulation sheets is the manufacturer.


Dow owns the "Styrofoam" trademark, their product is blue.


Owens Corning makes the pink sheet insulation. Because Styrofoam is a trademark, there product isn't labelled that way.


Usually a home improvement / building materials store will carry one brand, but not both.

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the sheets we get around here are 2"x4'x8'.


I goggled "Dow Insulation Foam" and "Owens Corning Insulation Foam" and ended up with pics of what we use.



(I can't get your links to work without entering personal info so I won't follow them, sorry)

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only one of the 2 links worked for me (with your zip code).


the link goes to the right type of product, but I think you'll want the 1" or 2" thick, not the 1/2"


-- edit --

the other link finally worked (my DSL has been a bit screwy since I got back from ReaperCon), since it doesn't say how thick it is, you will probably want to avoid the fan-fold styrofoam sheet.

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extruded polystyrene is the product. Blue or pink differ only slightly in density. Avoid the beaded stuff (white beads packed together - it will fall apart). Cut with sharp tools, saws or hot wire. Most of them have a thin plastic covering on it that needs to be peeled off before you start gluing terrain to it.


I have found the perfect thickness (laugh) is 3/4" - one layer is about waist high (level 1 cover) and two layers are just over the head of most minis (level 2 cover). This also works for CAV and Battletech.


I know an inch and a half (two layers) is about 7-1/2 feet in scale, but most of us don't walk around on a foot high base (except in the days of the disco shoes).

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Comes in blue and pink, and varying thickness. If you walk into a hardware store and say "I'm looking for some high density foam insulation sheets", they will know what you need.


Sometimes down south, you can't get it as thick - but if thats the case, just build up layers.

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well, i am "down south"


north alabama


the stuff i found at lowes wasnt reallly thick... bout 1/2 inch, and home depot didnt seem to have any at all on their website... wallmart obviously doesnt... so i may be stuck with getting like 2 sheets of the thinner stuff from lowes (i know a little can go along way)

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