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Could anyone give me a brief bit of fluff about each faction as I'm new to CAV and I like Warlord . :lol:

Played a lot of Battlerech over the years , must have over 1000 mechs,armor and infantry . :blink: So I'd like to get into CAV but don't no whats what . ::(:

Do like the look of the Ritterlich CAVs . :wub:

What their fluff?

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I have to admit, I do Love Koda Works!

My Favorite CAVs are the Dictator and the Vanquisher fom the beginning of playing CAV. I can't wait to get an Emperor!!


I like the Scorpion also, but can't see me playing the Adonese.


I still am in love with the Mastodon and Rhino! Ritterlich, would be my 2nd choice in factions.

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Terrans. ::D:


I mean come on, they kicked the Rach off Earth during the Vela Wars and that was before they really got their act together militarily. :devil:


They have a grasp of indirect fire and air support that the other races can only drool over and dream about.


They have the best superheavy out there, the Thunderbird. The best gunship, the Harpy and a brutal tank in the Naginata. The Wolf tank can run-n-gun with it's wizzo SA without batting an eye. The Starhawk VI is arguably the coolest looking and best superiority CAV going.


What's not to love? ::D::wub:

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