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GW Wizard w/ crystal ball


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I painted this one up for a Warhammer Fantasy tournament some friends were holding this weekend. It was used as the best Sportsmanship trophy. My husband, silly man, ended up winning it, so now it's going to live at my house anyway. :)


This was the first time I used cork board for basing.. It turned out _very_ cool, I'm happy with it. Painted everything with master series paints.




More images at my webpage



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The only place i had trouble with the detail on this model was his face, because there was _nothing_ for his eyes, so that's done entirely without the aid of sculpt (I'm very, very pleased with how the eyes turned out, considering). Also, the hand holding the crystal ball had lost a fair bit of detail between the fingers, so it looked a little like one big mitt, and that star on his chest-piece had to be fudged a bit.


I was originally planning to do a bretonnian pegasus w/ a sorceress on top. I got really frustrated with it and had to find something else (but it had to be GW) to use instead.


Thanks everybody :)

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