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Standards / Musicians?

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Will Reaper release miniatures for Standard Bearers and Musicians for the different Factions/Troop types in Warlord?


If so, any idea roughly when we could expect them?


Or are these considered uneconomic (they wouldn't sell enough to be profitable)?


I'm asking because my conversion-fu is weak, and I'd sooo love to have a gorgeous Klocke-sculpted Dwarf Musician (or two... or three...) :lol:

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It'd be nice to see, yeah.


There are a few good musician figs you can borrow from the Dark Heaven line.


A few random examples:


#2211 Skeletal Drummer (unfortunately discontinued)



#2721 Thora, Gnome Bard



#2360 Cardolan, Ranger (also discontinued, sigh)



#2186 Alfred Redlute



#2137 Skeleton Standard (discontinued)



#2390 Templar Standard



#2458 Liriel Silverlocks



Unfortunately I can't find a dwarf in there.

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...for musicians we putty the instruments from the accessories pack to the base.





Accessories pack? Which accessories pack? Tell me more about the accessories pack... :blink:



Dark Heaven 2638, adventuring accessories pack.




Edit: They don't call him Qwyk for nothing...



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I took a couple of my Swiftaxes and put their axes on "backwards". I plan on adding a few strings so one is playing the bass and the other a guitar. Now all I need is a drummer and I'll have ZZ Top on my side. Wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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