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Rules that will cost Reaper sales

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Here is number one with a bullet...


E) SA: Flyer - The Mov listed on the datacard is the model's movement when in Flight. When a model with Flyer is not in Flight, its Mov is considered 3 and uses the normal ground based terrain movement cost modifiers.


I know around here that The Flyer SA is considered a disadvantage now that you have to pay points for to have the privalage of being boned with.


So has Reaper seen a sudden drop in sales of the Warlord figs with Flyer?




Here is another one that has caused a few people who were waiting for their armies to come out to quit the game before they bought a single fig, Not only costing reaper sales but preventing them all together.


C) Defensive Shot does not require LoS, only range.


So if I read this right Naomi can be hiding underwhater, under a bridge, and on the other side of a mountain and the Gobolin Skeeters can still hit her with defensive shot?


Also the Overlord Crossbowmen can still be hit if they are behind another unit like the Knights.


So if all this is right, the SA Defensive Shot negaites two other SA's enough to make them not worht it. Bad call guys. I know three overlord players, that were waiting on the crossbowmen before they bought a single fig, that read that rules clarification and quit before they bought a single fig.


"I will wait till Warlord 2.0 is printed in a few years and look at it then. They are changing the rules too fast without thinking things thru."



Yet again a rule that lost reaper money.


I thought that the rules were suppost to encourage people to play the game and buy Reaper products.


Please retract these 2 Ruleings.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have received from at least 2 forum members a request to lock and delete this thread.


I am, however, a huge proponent of allowing our customers the right to dissent, and to communicate this dissent to us.


We reserve the right to remove this topic if it becomes necessary. For those of you who wish to discuss this topic, if you cannot discuss it civilly, your post will be deleted. If I have to spend all day deleting posts, I will lock this thread down.


Having said that - please, discuss nicely.

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I bought three more Crypt Bats this week. Either I'm an enlightened visionary, or a glutton for punishment. ::P:

Glutton? Isn't that necessary to make bread rise? :lol:


I think that Flyer will be reworked, as suggested on this board (units get a normal movement, and a SA along the lines of Flyer / 12), but where it is now isn't bad.


I perfer the golden rule of shooting over the small advantage that scyre shot didn't realize. I would rarely shoot a missile troop anyway. It seems to me that most people would shoot at bigger targets anyway.


So unless you have Naomi shooting the Dwarf WL, I don't see a major problem.

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Got myself a Guardian Angel last month . It rocks . :wub::wub:

Wish I could use 2 . :down:

Heh, I've had one for quite some time now, and just got myself another one because I want on painted up nicer.


In short- yeah, I wish you field 2 as well... :wub:

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My flyers work really well. My Bone Horror kicks butt, and I can't wait try my Crypt Bats. IMO Warlord is the best skirmish level game going. Sales at our local game stor are going quite well. I know my group appreciates the Reaper guys getting the stuff out as fast as they can. Keep up the good work. ::D:

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