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Is it hard to make "fencing style" minis in metal?

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WotC's D&D Miniatures line will have a swashbuckler mini which is holding rapier in fencing style.




A Shan Cutthroat from Aberrations set also had rapier.




Is it hard for Reaper to make that kind of "fencing style" minis with thin rapier? Since we have really a lot of rapier wielding PC types (more than half of the rogues), demand should be great.

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Technically speaking, anything longer than 1cm and narrower than 1mm will be such a pain in the neck to cast, it is impossible for production purposes - the temperatures required would destroy the mold in hours.


A thicker blade would be doable, but people would get irritated by the thickness of the blade. Look at our Charon the boatman - he has a lantern on a pole - that is how thick we are talking for ease of production.


Sadly, our craft does have its limits.

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I have some Ral Partha pikemen from either late 80's or early 90's where the pike shafts were just thin steel rods. It wouldn't expect a manufacturer to do that these days, but for a conversion I think it would work well.


Either that or a paper clip.


I wouldn't use the pin though. Too much puncture wound potential, and pins are also a real pain to cut with clippers as they are so thin (or maybe I need to get clippers w/o so many notches in the blades. :blink: )

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