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Shading Reds

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which is the error of all tuts, they dont stand up well in real world applications



take your aged red brick, find a red darker, and a red lighter than it



i personally usually use GW colors, using an MSP sample i have of red as my midtone, then red gore as the dark, and blood red as the light... however lately ive also been using a homemade black wash (its filtered water and a drop of two of GW chaos black... could use whatever brand you prefer), i keep it thinned... its almost a dropper bottle full of water, and about 2 drops of paint, i wash that into the crevices, that allows for a darker richer red (since the black is thin enough to technically be a glaze (?)


for your situation, id suggest


Red Aged brick (is this different than 09001 red brick?) then possibly using phoenix red (09005) as your highlight... might be a bit too orangy for dear old dad though, so try fire red (09004) if need be have that as your middle color, then take some of the fire red and add a smidge of white to it, then use that as your highlight

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Can I get a clarification, in the first post you say you are using red brick and want to know highlights, then you say you need to know how to shade that color. Or did I read that wrong? If I read you right then I'm going on the assumption you are using that as a mid-tone?


As for me, I'm a very simple painter, strictly bare bones. So what I do is Brick red as the shadow, Deep red as the mid-tone, and Blood Red as the highlight. If Brick Red is the mid-tone, I would either use straight black for the shadow or half and half. And then deep red for the highlight. Again, I'm not 100% sure what exactly you are looking for, so I'm stabbing in the dark.


Keep in mind that I'm an below average painter, so take my advice accordingly. There are much better painters that will have better results and/or more detailed advice.

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For shading it really depends on how deep you want the red to look. I normally either add Brown Liner or Black to my lowest red (usually Mahogany Brown, which is the same color as the Pro Paint Aged Red Brick, but the MSP Aged Brick works just fine) to shade it. Highlighting normally starts with 50/50 Mahogany(or Aged Brick)/Blood Red, then pure Blood Red, Phoenix Red, 50/50 Phoenix/Sunlight, Sunlight, White.


They won't be out for a bit yet, but one of the advantages of the upcoming Clear Brights is highlighting colors. Using Clear Red on top of the Blood Red and mixing in Clear Yellow creates a very nice, transparent gradient to the pure yellow highlights.


Does that help Fieldarchy?

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What Goldeneagle said. :)


Another great color to use to highlight your Aged Brick or Mahogany Brown (besides the upcoming Clear Red) would be Pro Paint Bright Red, which is the truest red in the Pro Paint line (very close to the upcoming Clear Red in MSP). Start with your Aged Brick or what have you, then do a layer which is 50/50 Aged Brick and Bright Red, then pure Bright Red (a couple of layers of it, probably, as it's very translucent. From there you could go Phoenix Red and then mix some yellow in from there--MSP Sunlight Yellow is a modular yellow, not a Clear, so if you need it to be very bright you can use PP Sunlight in a pinch, 'till the Clear Brights come out. ::):



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