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"Volley " & "Blazer"

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Under the description of "Volley" it states that "they may particiate in Indirect Volley Ranged Attacks in Troops led by a Model with the Blazer special ability ."


Therefore as I understand it the Troop leader must have Blazer SA , I don't know of any leader model that has it , only a few elites . <_<


Comment and corrections welcome . ::D:

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Yer leader doesn't have to have blazer... just someone in the troop does.


Currently I can only think of two models with blazer Cearwyn and the elven merc chic (can't think of her name)... Any way both are elite models so you'll have use a leader model that is capitable of fielding elites.

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Lets clear up my original statement ! :poke:

It did not refer to the ability to volley or not . I was referring to the quote from the rules book about indirect volley . The book seems to say that you can not perform an indirect volley unless your leader has the blazer SA . <_<

I'm not sure now . :wacko:

Your skelies can volley they just can't perform an indirect volley because their faction does not have anyone that has the Blazer SA . :angry:


Now I'll get back in my box and be good!! :lol:

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