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thats the stuff ive never had to say, if its a game Ill try it, if i like it ill continue to play it.. but ill give anything a try cause you never know. also with store owners you gotta remember that they need to try and stay unbiased because its not a Reaper store its a hobby store they want a broad base and all their things to do well. If there is a kid that just loves another game, GW for ie, and he wants help painting then help him and if ya use reaper paints even better. then when the kid sees ya running a demo or playing a game he will check it out cause your cool you didnt trash what he was interested in, you even helped him with a technique. love the hobby all of it, have fun with the demos and Warlord and CAV will do well because they are solid fun games with excellent sculpts at excellent price points and they will sell themselves I have seen it everytime Im in the store.

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