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Can I get a lil' help from my friends....


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I have a few characters that I would like to get in pewter for a game that is coming up and I need some help finding them...or suitable for converting, please let me know..I am all ears!


Male gnome mage, preferably w/o weapons, but can have spear, darts -- my idea is Balto Burrowell, but quote "He is close but not it".


Male orc or half-orc with warhammer


(here come the harder ones)


--most needed--Female dwarf monk with NO armor and can easily be modified to be bald


Female orc or half-orc cleric, preferably with mace. I was thinking the female ogre shamen, but I think she might be too big to pass of as half-orc


If anyone has any ideas on minis that would one or any of these, please please please tell me...


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well hasslefree has severel unarmored female dwarves, and they're every bit as good as reapers. Svala, female dwarf comes to mind to fit your needs-she's got a hammer, but it will easily be removed, and her fist (very large, gloved, meaty dwarven fist) looks cocked to throw a mean punch. the no hair part... your on your own for that one. you'll never find a mini to fit that exact Description. anyway it seems to me that a female dwarf's hair would be like her male counterpart's hair-a matter of pride that would never be cut (whether or not your DM subscribes to the female-dwarfs-have-beards theory), even for entry into an esoteric order of martial monks...


Female orc or 1/2 cleric-thats easy!! the new kiakara female warlord mini-just remove the funky bat-winged thingy and place your hammer/mace at your discretion. or alternately neroli, the new DHL female 1/2 orc due out this month. sure shes got a sword, but theres plenty of ways around that-either convert, or make her worship a god of war, such as Tyr, from the Fgttn Realms, whose favored weapon is long sword. problem solved.


as for a gnome mage, your best bet is A) balto (sorry) or

B) nebbin, gnome illusionist from wotc. the metal version of this extremely hard to find (even on ebay), well concieved mini, from back when wotc first launched 3.0 and was still in the metal mini business, is quite honestly a poorer sculpt than the more recnt plactic one they put out (i have seen the metal one, and own the plastic, and the plastic is just a superior mini) as part on the D&D minis game (you can get them on ebay for like $1.00)


as for the easy one, male orc with hammer, use the hammer you just cut of svala, female dwarf, and glue it to any orc which catches your fancy!!


hope this helps. me, i do it the easy way-i let the beauty and artistry of the miniature inspire me to create a character for that particular mini. i feel this often boost rather than (as im sure some of you are screaming,) hampers my creativity.


and i never have the trouble of finding that "perfect miniature" for my cool new character.


(course the fact that i'm an uber-wiz at conversions doesnt hurt either!)

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Thanks for the Svala idea...I have been having a heck of a time finding female dwarves without armor...I know the rest I will have to get inventive, but I really didnt want to spend all my time trying to figure out how to hide platemail under clothing.

This is all still a work in progress....we shall see how it goes!

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There is no reason why a DM can't restrict certain race/class combinations in their world. Or allow whatever one wants. Rulebooks are to give some basic mechanics and guidelines for play. Ultimately it's the DM's world. (S)he can do whatever (s)he darn well pleases.


If a player wants it, and the DM is willing, who cares.


We have a player in our group with a Warforged Cleric (War/Healing) 2, Bard 1 with intelligence and charisma penalties and no ranks in perform. :blink: He has some sort of a plan that the DM knows about, but the rest of us are completely confuzzled. But he likes his character and is having fun, and in the long and short of it, that's all that really should matter.


The open d20 license is all about the House Rule. Go nuts with them if you want. Restrict and/or allow to your hearts content, and your groups. Just come up with a good reason in your world for restricting something or anything. It's a chance for creativity.

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