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Attendence numbers for 2006?


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I'd love to go in 2006. Looks and sounds like a total blast! ::):


However, it also appears to be growing in size (judging from the threads).


With that in mind... what kind of attendence numbers/possible limits are you looking at for 2006? :rock:


I'd love to see a breakdown of stats for the 2005 ReaperCon. ::P:


Yeah... I'm goofy like that. ^_^

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we have a limit of people in the building based on fire department occupancy stuff, that is our size restriction.


this year we had 6 sculptors and 9 painters giving classes.

there were approximately 85 attendees over the course of the weekend and 25 staff on site.

54 attendees preregistered.

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We didn't bring the hot sauce, either.


Next year I will, barring any extraneous expenses like more medical bills (it seems I started off the year with only $4000 in bills, and now we've got about $6000) :down:


And as for the hot wings, where do you prefer them from? You live closer to Buffalo than I do. ::P:

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