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Sheet Styrene/Plastic Card

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Does anyone know where I could get some textured sheet styrene/plasticard for a price less than a bionic arm? I finally found some locally, but a pack of 2 sheets (each measuring about 6" w x 12" l) cost me $12.00 - $15.00 Canuck bucks (depending on the pattern). At that rate, it would cost me two arms, a foot, and three legs to cover a table top.


I was at Home Depot yesterday (finally bought myself a table saw!! Hurrah for upcoming square cuts!!) and found sheets of styrene for flouresent light boxes for $8.00. Would have been perfect if I wanted an ice field or something, but I've never seen any with a brick or fieldstone pattern. Quite a price difference between the "hobby version" and the "home upgrade" version of sheet styrene though.


In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a good link that displays some of the various textures availble to the hobby sector: http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhamm...lasticard/1.htm

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Specialty molded styrene sheets are big for drafters and mini-modelists... that's why they're so darn expensive. ::(:


Plastruct and Evergreen are a couple of good product lines you could "Google 'til you can't Google no more" until you find the cheapest online option. ^_^

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I think the better question is not where is there cheap stuff to cover an entire table top, but rather, what are you trying to cover an entire table top for?


Maybe if you could give us an idea of what you are attempting to do, we can give some suggestions as to other ways to acheive the same affect (like using paint, flocking, pebbles, sand, etc...)

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I too am with Honorable master Dchi.... Let us know what you are building...


I have the Citadel terrain book that shows some pretty decent towers and halftimbered buildings all done with card stock.


I have made stucco buildings using spackilng compound applied to a building "form" then textured with an artist's sponge. When it comes to building with the blue foam insul board from the DIY, you can simply draw brick or stone block lines into the foam with a black ink ball point pen, then spray paint it all gray, then redraw the lines to show off the cracks between bricks or blocks.


Also, you can apply light texture to a sheet of blue foam by using very thin spackling compound dabbed on with the aforementioned sponge. Play around to get a fine, delicate texture you like.


For coarse texture on the blue foam, spray paint lightly with some black Krylon primer or regular paint. Do it outside if possible, and away from your prized convertible. The paint tends to slightly melt and blister the foam giving a bit of a rough, fairly hard surface. Too much paint however can leave bigger holes and pits-- which aren't friendly for minis.


And for the record, I blew some hard earned cash on the plasticard stock- about 90$ last year. I wanted 6 city buildings for our games, and I decided it was worth it. Lotsa money, but for my specific needs, this time, I could sort of justify it.

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