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4403 crane courtier WIP


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This one's a WIP commission... slooowly moving along due to the broad highlights that this piece needs... I'm alot faster with sharp highlights... After a few more highlights on the blue, it'll get it's freehand and a finished base. If anyone can link me to a good kimono site... that'd be great!!!


I didn't like the NMM I was doing on the hairpiece (this part of the sculpt isn't quite smooth enough for me to execute NMM terribly well) AND I was having trouble giving the NMM a silver tone unique enough to contrast with the hair.... hence metallics...





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Kewl stuff. I did a cruddy attempt at the crane symbol on the back of the outfit. Luckily, I had sealed before the freehand & was able to scrub it off... back to trying it out one more time....


I'm not sure that it's going to look right no matter what - the picture I'm emulating is stylistic... sooo... I'll post it if I get it right.


Next I'll ask the client if he'd like extra stuff all over the figure... I vote *yes*



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Okee - I've finished the figure and am waiting on a reply from the client to see if this matches their vision. Crane courtier front and back piccies!!! All comments suggestions welcome/encouraged!





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