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the Double Volley

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A troop of 5 archers with Marksmen can shoot a total of ten times. Can they declare two (2) volleys of 5?


Example: A group of grunts jump a treeman surounding him. The evlen archers declare two volleys. The first centered on a grunt in line of site and the second on the leader (two wounds) next to him (also in line of sight). The first volley fall killing many of the grunts. the second volley falls on the leader and kills most of the remaining grunts.


Is this possible. I know the archers can shoot twice at the same target. The volleys are declared at the same time and worked out in the same way as two shots.


Is this a great tactic or am I missing something here?



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pg 65

A Model may only participate in a single Volley Ranged Attack during its Action Phase. A Model with multiple attacks that participates in a Volley cannot divide its number of attacks between the Volley and other forms of Ranged Attacks; all of it attacks are used during the Volley Attack
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Unless you are fielding Elves, you have to have 5 archers minimum for a volley to happen, regardless of the number of ranged attacks they can make during their Attack Phase.


Elves, because of Feathered Sky (p 110) can perform a Volley using four Ranged Attacks, which could occur with only two Models (presuming the Model has Marksmen or 2 #RA).


Vil's example would work if you were breaking the 5 Elven archers into a group of two and a group of three (provided they did not move). One volley would consist of 4 attacks, for a 1 inch radius (might be better off just making 4 attacks though). The other volley would consist of a 2 inch radius. You'd be better off combining these though for 10 attacks to get the 3 inch radius if you really wanted the AOE.

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